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Quality food is important for the health, well-being and vitality of your companion.

Currently, approximately 90% of cats operated on have been sterilized, thus increasing the risks of obesity and urinary disorders. The range of Mastery foods, specially designed for sterilized cats, takes into account these physiological characteristics and offers:

  • for the first months of the life of the kitten, a specific food before sterilization
  • then, as soon as sterilization has occurred, foods incorporating a moderate energy intake to prevent weight gain, with a perfect mastery of minerals and of urinary acidity to limit the risk of urinary disorders.

Unlike dogs, cats are strict carnivores. They need a less energetic portion than dogs, but more protein (approximately 20 to 30% or more). Conversely, the quantities of starch must be lower. The quantity of fibre is important in a cat’s food, in order to regulate and facilitate the elimination of hairballs.

Your cat is in great health, and it shows!

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