Mastery supports skijoring champion Jérôme BRZEZICKI

Let us introduce our partner Jérôme BRZEZICKI, Skijoring champion. Jérôme BRZEZICKI participated in the Sprint World Championships organised in Milegrobbe in Italy last february, and won the bronze medal ! Congratulations to Jérôme and his 2 dogs for this victory ! You can follow Jérôme on his Facebook account Les loups du Pilat or on Instagram “les_loups_du_pilat”.

Light Sterilised for cats is now available in 8Kg!

Light Sterilised for cats is now available in 8Kg! Throughout his adult life (from neutering until 10 years old), your cat will enjoy this complete food of exceptional palatability that will also help ensure his well-being: ✅ This low fat food combined with portions that are adapted to your cat’s status will help control weight […]

Mastery films

The Mastery films about our range of dog and cat products are online! This is a good way to find out about our products and their numerous advantages pour your animal.